Through the “Anti-Racism” Looking Glass

So here’s what got me expelled.  A prominent local citizen (former elected official, “melanin-deprived” as she would call it, and member of our local anti-racism Facebook group) posted on the town’s main FB page that she couldn’t bring herself ever to go back to the pharmacy in question; 30–40 others, many from the anti-racism group, chimed in saying they wouldn’t patronize this store either, and would still “shop local” but at the other fine drugstore in town.I wasn’t sure I agreed with this conclusion, so I wrote a post asking some questions. Had the owner’s husband escalated his victim-blaming? If not, why were we hurting the parents for the words of a nearly-adult son? What about the effect of not shopping there on the pharmacy’s employees, who as far as we knew were fine people? Were the memes really all that bad, since no physical violence occurred? Why can’t we all just get along in our wonderful town in which there is no strife?Immediately, members of our “Race and Diversity” group commented en masse that racism can never be tolerated, that the parents must have raised their son to have these hateful ideas, that every dollar not spent at one store could go to the other, and that I was just a relic, a cheerleader for a local business where I probably liked the owners personally and probably shared their toxic views. Before I could explain, I was gone — “greyed out with extreme prejudice.” That’s what happens to racists, and enablers of racists, when they pretend to be allies to people of color and their social-justice-warriors-in-tow. I deserved it, I suppose; end of story.
My dad’s souvenir of the 1963 March on Washington




Risk assessment expert, former federal government regulator (OSHA), choral singer and conductor

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Adam M. Finkel

Adam M. Finkel

Risk assessment expert, former federal government regulator (OSHA), choral singer and conductor

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